Maryam Jamili, MA, MFTI

Maryam Jamili, MA, MFTI
Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern. IMF95470
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  1. Individual Therapy
    Individuals seek counseling for a variety of different problems: depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. It may be as simple as having a question about a relationship. Individual therapy provides safe and comfortable environment for client to discuss their problems and concerns and find solutions.
  2. Couple's Therapy
    Many couples struggle with communication problems. Couples typically address: Communication issues Intimacy issues / Values Parenting issues Extended family/Cultural issues Infidelity issues / Financial issues
  3. Family Therapy
    Family Therapy is designed to work with the family as a whole to change the systems of interaction between the family members. The purpose of family therapy is to involve the entire family in therapy to help influence the way they communicate with each other.